Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Beginning

I come by my obsession naturally. I started going to TCU football games when I was just a few months old. My family bleeds purple and white. My love for TCU sports (especially football) grew into a passion for college sports in general. My brother and sister-in-law convinced me to start this blog to share my "vast" knowledge with the many readers I'm sure I will soon have. So here I am. Here you will find my musings on all things college football, and maybe a few other sports thrown into the mix sometimes. I promise to be as unbiased as possible when it comes to TCU, but let's be honest, that's probably not going to happen. But most importantly I promise to deliver more intelligent information than most of the sports reporter girls you find on the tv awkwardly interviewing the coach at halftime with questions like, "Coach, you're 40 points down at the are you feeling?" Really??? How do you think he's feeling?? I am the legitimate sideline girl.