Friday, December 23, 2011

Poinsettia Bowl

So it has been a couple days since the big game....the Poinsettia Bowl....TCU vs. Louisiana Tech. Not sure anyone still cares to read my synopsis on the game since I'm a few days behind but here goes. First off, TCU won! It's always good to get a W no matter what game, no matter what opponent, and no matter how ugly of a win it was. It was definitely touch and go there for a while. Going into the game Frog fans were disappointed...not so much in not getting a BCS bowl (although that would always be nice) but in the opponent. I said all along though that we couldn't treat this game like a blow off or we would lose it. Needless to say for those who watched it, we did not bring our A game. I don't know whether Louisiana Tech was better than everyone expected or if we were worse...maybe a little of both. I've read and heard that our boys just didn't care about this game and it showed. I really hope that wasn't the case. I would never want our players to become so cocky that we've forgotten what it's like to be the underdogs like Louisana Tech. I would never want us to become one of those snobby teams that I can't stand. Based on what I know about Coach Patterson (and it really is only by word of mouth, despite my attempts to become BFF with him) he never takes any games for granted and does his best to not let the players either. He builds up each game as though they are the biggest game they have ever played. I just don't see how our boys could go in with the attitude that we had this in the bag with a leader like that. However, I also get the argument that no matter how hard you convince yourself as a player that this game matters and you have to always play your best, when you hear over and over again that you are expected to get an easy start to believe it. So I think our shaky win was a combination of all things...

1. LA Tech pumped themselves up for the game and, despite what I'm sure was Coach P's best efforts, we did not.
2. We also just did not play well...we couldn't get it together. We looked like the young team that started the season rather than the more mature team that ended it.
3. Lastly, as I'm never one to not give the other team credit. Louisiana Tech played well...they were perhaps a more worthy opponent than anyone had given them credit for.

Hopefully we learned something from this game and are ready to go into the Big XII with confidence, enthusiasm, and a little humility. I. can't. wait.

Stay tuned for more bowl thoughts throughout the bowl season.

For the love of the game,

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  1. Don't get snobby, TCU! Any interest in telling us why the Cowboys sucked?