Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ready, Set, Bowl

Bowl Season is upon us! Even if I don't always agree with who goes to what bowl games, (the powers that be never seem to ask my opinion) I do love getting to watch some good football games. I'm going to try and not go off on my dislike for the BCS right that for another post. I'll let you get to know me first before I go off on a rant. Suffice it to say I think the BCS is a shady, unfair system and not just because it has made life difficult for TCU, but also because of stories like this about the new to the FBS school of Western Kentucky. There has to be a better system we can come up with than this nonsense. Wait, I said I wasn't going to talk about it right now didn't I? Ok I'll move on...onto the bowl games...I'm not going to address all the games, just the ones I have some opinions deep insights on.

1. National Championship Game -- LSU vs. Alabama
I'm the first to admit that these are two phenomenal football teams. However, they had their day--LSU won. Whoever wins this game, it isn't really going to prove anything. If Alabama wins, it doesn't make them National Champions because LSU beat them already and now they would be tied so who really is the better team? If LSU wins-we already knew they could beat Alabama. What we don't know is if they could beat any of the other standout teams who don't happen to be in the SEC. I know Oklahoma State blew their shot when they lost to Iowa State but I still think they deserve the chance to play LSU. They played a harder schedule than Alabama (and that's proven not just my opinion). LSU needs to prove they can beat them too to be considered a true National Champion. Someone winning that game could actually prove something. It would possibly give us as close to a National Champion as we'd get in this dysfunctional BCS least until we get reasonable and come up with some sort of play off system. (See how that darn BCS creeps back into every conversation.)

2. Sugar Bowl -- Michigan vs. Virginia Tech
I'm a little sad because it was rumored TCU might get to play in this game. We just barely missed getting that #16 spot we needed. However, I have to admit I'm not too let down because after TCU lost to SMU I never expected us to be considered at all. I think it shows how much respect our program has earned over the last few years for us to even have been in the conversation. Otherwise, I don't have too many thoughts on this match up except that from what I've heard people are a little puzzled how Virginia Tech ended up here.

3. TicketCity Bowl (these bowl names are out of control) -- Houston vs. Penn State
I feel for Houston. I feel like us horned frogs are kindred spirits with them....and not just because of our old Southwest Conference connections...but because we've been in there shoes a few times. One game away from a BCS game and we blow it. The cougars are where we were a few years ago -- not playing many (or any) ranked teams so no one really knows if they can take you seriously as a contender or not. I was looking forward to them playing with the big boys to see how they did...although I guess if their final game against Southern Miss is an indicator, they might have been in over their head. I hope they can continue to build their program though...I'm a sucker for a good underdog. I'm not even going to touch Penn State right now...that could be a whole other post too.

4. Poinsettia Bowl -- TCU vs. Louisiana Tech
You knew I had to talk about this game. As I said earlier, I'm not disappointed that we are going to the Poinsettia Bowl and not an almighty BCS bowl. However, I can't pretend playing LA Tech isn't a little bit of a let down. No disrespect to their team but I just wish we could have had a better match-up. I don't want to jinx us though...we still need to go out there and play our best because you never know. Go Frogs!!

5. Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl -- UCLA vs. Illinois
Is it just me or is it strange that two teams with losing seasons are playing in a bowl game? I haven't done my research enough to know if this is the case in any of the other games. I think that's a sign that we have too many bowl games though. It should be something you have to earn right?

Anyone else have thoughts on the bowl games?

For the love of the game,

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  1. We watched the bowl game show on ESPN and I was so confused. Thanks for writing about this!