Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And the award goes to...

Well folks, we have a national champion. Sort of. Alabama is the official national champion obviously. I still feel like we got gypped. In my mind, when each team wins one game that is called a tie, and in no way does simply winning the most recent game of the two prove dominance. Alabama definitely earned their win though so although I can't declare them National Champions (even though the AP and BCS does) I will give them that. And we all know my opinion is much more important than any poll.

With that said...bowl season is over. I thought I would award some superlatives to wrap up the season. Here goes...

Best Opening Act
Boise State's Doug Martin with a 100 yard kick return on the opening kickoff in the Las Vegas Bowl against Arizona State.

Best Dressed Ok so maybe not best dressed (because let's be honest, my purple clad Horned Frogs will almost always get my vote simply based on wearing my favorite color) but definitely the Flashiest or Most Reflective:
University of Oregon's helmets in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin. I just learned that the head of Nike is an Oregon alum...hence their seemingly constant conveyor belt of new fancy uniforms. I, for one, was a fan of the chrome helmets however.

Best Defense
Alabama of course. Some say it was a boring game. And I guess it was kind of....although I'd take a defensive game over a track meet game of scoring any day. Regardless, how impressive is it to allow the #1 team in the country to cross the 50 yard line only once??

Most Likely to Join a Circus
Michael Floyd of Notre Dame with an amazing juggling act for a touchdown in the Champs Sports Bowl against Florida State.

Best Outsourcing
Another award for Alabama. With special teams (or specifically kicker, Jeremy Shelley) getting 15 of Alabama's 21 points.

Best Exaggeration
I love me some RG3. I think he's an amazing quarterback and athlete and love watching him play. I was thrilled he won the Heisman. What he is not however, is an eloquent speaker (or maybe his excitement of their win got the best of him because really who could blame him for that?)...but in his post-game interview after Baylor's 67-56 win against Washington he excitedly exclaimed that this had to be one of the most watched football games of all time! I hate to break it to you Mr. Griffin, but I highly doubt it. Exciting and down to the wire? Yes. Most watched ever? No.

Most Sneaky
Darwin Cook of West Virginia against Clemson in the Orange Bowl stripped the ball and took it back for a 99 yard touchdown while the rest of the players were basically still in a dog pile at the 1 yard line. Game changer for WVU.

Best Example of Karma
Ohio State ending with its first losing record since 1999 after losing to Florida in the Gator Bowl. I'm still bitter about Ohio State's President's comments last year that TCU played teams like the "Little Sisters of the Poor." Plus, Kirk Herbstreit went there and I don't have time to go into just how much I dislike him right now....suffice it to say it's a lot.

Most Overused Nickname
Honey Badger (LSU's Tyrann Mathieu) -- there's just something funny (or strange) about hearing Brent Musburger call a football player Honey Badger over...and over...and over again.

Most Exciting
Although I'm sure others would disagree (including Robert Griffin III) I have to give this to Stanford vs. Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl with OSU getting the overtime win. Just a fun game to watch.

As I heard tonight at the TCU Ticketing Summit (yes that was an actual event)...we only have 7 months, 3 weeks, and a few hours until kickoff for the 2012 season. I'll hopefully be doing some off season blogging so stick with me though.

For the Love of the Game,

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