Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 2: Blowouts and Shake Ups

Well the Grambling State band is amazing! The football team...not so much. It was the first game in TCU's new Amon G. Carter Stadium...I got to see the view from my new seats for the first time.  I have an excellent view of downtown Fort Worth if that tells you anything. However, it was still exciting to be there and be a part of it.  It was fantastic to see Deante' Gray make a 70 yard touchdown punt return the first time TCU had possession of the ball in the new stadium. How's that for setting the stage??  Another highlight: Gary Patterson set the record for winningest coach in TCU history with 110 wins, surpassing the great Dutch Meyer.  In the end, TCU demolished Grambling with a 56-0 win.

Because of blowouts like this one or poor Savannah State again this week against Florida State...many people (including me) probably wonder why these games are even played.  What does it accomplish? I know, I know...it gets a win for the big team and gets exposure and experience for the other guys.  Believe me, there have been plenty of years when TCU was "the other guys." I've talked with friends before about how coaches could possibly get their teams ready and hyped for games like this when they are such underdogs...how do they go into them with any confidence that they will win?  Well for any doubters that these games can cause a shake up can look at Arkansas against Louisiana Monroe where Arkansas lost it in overtime 34-31 causing the 2nd largest fall out of the polls ever from 8th the previous week. Arkansas's quarterback was injured and taken out of the game, but still this is a huge win for Louisiana Monroe and definitely an even bigger loss for Arkansas. 

A few major shake ups in the polls this week...
  • UCLA pulled out a big win for their program against Nebraska, dropping them from the top 25. Could this be UCLA's comeback year after many seasons of drought?
  • Oregon State beat a #13 Wisconsin causing another big plumet out of the polls
  • Oklahoma State got beat pretty handily in a largely offensive game by Arizona 59-38, also pushing OSU from the top 25.
A few other interesting games to note...
  • Much to my dismay, Texas A&M had a decent showing for their SEC debut falling to Florida 20-17 in the 4th quarter.
  • Poor Penn State can't catch a break losing by 1 point to Virginia after four missed field goals from their kicker.  Are we sure that isn't TCU's old kicker Ross Evans?
A little NFL news...props to TCU alum Jeremy Kerley getting 2 touchdowns including a 68-yard punt return for the New York Jets.

What were the highlights for you this week?

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