Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 5: Better late than never

I need to work on getting these posts out right after the weekend (if only I didn't have a job that got in the way) because by Tuesday I'm sure no one really cares anymore...not sure anyone really cares about my opinion anyway though, ha!

Mark another win for the Horned Frogs after a very hot (even though it is the end of September) home game. TCU meet Virginia 27-7 with the Frogs defense giving up its first touchdown this season in the 4th quarter.  This week TCU faced yet another loss from the roster after it was announced that Waymon James, TCU's leading rusher, is out for the season with a knee injury.  Hopefully, Matthew Tucker will be able to take over the lead for this position for the season.

Other highlights:

  •  #15 Kansas State pulled out a big win against #6 Oklahoma.  I wasn't sure if Kansas State was going to have as successful of a year as they did last year but this definitely boads well for their season.
  • Notre Dame might be returning to their heyday--beating #18 Michigan, moving them up to the top 10 and dropping Michigan out of the rankings.
  • #2 LSU barely squeaked by Auburn with a 12-10 win.
  • #19 UCLA's moment of glory ended quickly with a loss to unranked Oregon State.
  • Arizona also dropped out of the top 25 after a big loss to Oregon 49-0.
What were your favorite moments this week?

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