Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 8: Triple Overtime

Tough loss for TCU this week but, man, what a game! After 3 overtimes, TCU fell to Texas Tech 56-53.  Tech's quarterback played a great game, throwing for 318 yards and 7 touchdowns. Despite a few mistakes, Boykin is continually proving himself to be a strong quarterback and I'm excited to watch him only get better. Our pass defense looked like it needs some work but, like I said, Tech's offense played really well too. TCU played 16 true freshmen on Saturday so if we can just keep up like we are in the Big 12 this season, the next few seasons could be huge.

There weren't really any huge upsets this week but many key games for sure.

- #6 LSU pulled out a win against #18 A&M at Kyle Field 24-19
- Oklahoma State beat #24 Iowa State handily 31-10
- #2 Florida proved its top 5 ranking with a big win against #7 South Carolina 44-11
- #5 Notre Dame barely squeaked by unranked BYU 17-14
- Unranked Toledo did pull off an upset against #21 Cincinnati
-#4 Kansas State proved it is the team to beat in the Big 12 running over #13 West Virginia in Morgantown 55-14
- Baylor made a valiant effort against #24 UT but fell 56-50

I think the major discussion right now is who should be where in the top 5. In the top 5 you have 5 really good undefeated teams. I think the argument could be made for any of them to be in any of the 5 spots. Of course, we know I would prefer it not to be two SEC teams in the top two spots. I have to say I never questioned Alabama being number 1 until now. I mean I get it, they are an awesome football team. However, looking at their schedule so far vs. the rest the of the top 5 they really haven't had to prove themselves yet. They will have more tests throughout the season but just not so far. They have only beaten 1 currently ranked team, whereas Florida beat 3, Kansas State beat 2 (big wins on the road to boot), Oregon has beaten 0, and Notre Dame beat 2.  I have no doubt Alabama will likely stay undefeated and earn that #1 spot, but so far they really haven't. They haven't done anything wrong but they haven't been tested like Kansas State or Florida. It will be really interesting to watch how the top 5 shapes up in the coming weeks. On top of those teams, Oregon State, Oklahoma, and LSU are still serious contenders as well.

Oh, and a special note for you Adam...Ohio finally found itself in the standings at #23.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BCS Breakdown #1

The first BCS rankings was released for this season. Thankfully we only have to deal with this until 2014 when the 4 team playoff system starts. Although, I'm hopeful (but doubtful) that will end all the controversy.

The SEC and Big 12 lead the rankings with 7 teams each. 10 teams are undefeated, 12 one loss teams and 3 with two losses (Stanford, Iowa State, and Texas). I understand Stanford being in there because both their losses were close and to good teams, and they might have actually won the Notre Dame game depending on your view of the final call. I was surprised to see Iowa State at #24, although both their losses were also close and to ranked teams. (Also, I think it helps ease TCU's loss to them a little bit.) I am confused (but probably shouldn't be surprised based on how UT usually finds itself in the rankings no matter how many games they lose) how UT crept into #25. I mean they were demolished by OU.

The SEC took the top two spots with Alabama and Florida, much to many people's dismay I'm sure, as Oregon got edged out to #3. I really think Oregon earned that #2 spot a little more than Florida. I think Oregon is an all around stronger team rather than the more defensive team of Florida. I'm hoping that by the end of the season the rankings have shuffled a little so that #1 and #2 are not both SEC teams. I have nothing against the SEC--it is a very strong football conference and no doubt earns their top 25 spots. I just think the national championship would be a more true test with teams from two strong conferences. Just like last year, we had already seen Alabama and LSU play, so having them play again for the title really didn't prove anything. Then the title game just becomes the SEC championship game all over again. Even if the SEC team wins the title game against a team from another conference, I would much rather them prove themselves truly the best against another undefeated team.

As far as the rest of the rankings, I really think it is too early to tell how this season will play out for many teams. With the shuffling that occurred last week in the Big 12 alone, I'm sure there is plenty more excitement to go. I'll especially be interested to see how these teams do in the coming weeks as many schedules get tougher: South Carolina, LSU, Oregon State (5-0 record for the first time since 1939!), TCU (of course), Texas Tech, West Virginia, Notre Dame and OU.

What were your thoughts on the first BCS rankings for the year?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 7: What a difference a week makes

This was a crazy weekend of college football, especially in the Big 12.

Of course we are going to start with the Horned Frogs, who looked like a completely different team this week against Baylor.  Boykin came out much stronger this week, no doubt having a full week to get prepared to play quarterback versus the two days notice last week helped a lot. He passed for 261 yards and 4 touchdowns, along with 56 rushing and 1 TD. TCU had no turnovers, where Baylor had six. Boykin seems to have stepped up to be a leader for the team when they desperately need one. I had my doubts for the rest of the season for our very young team but after last night, I think our future looks bright for sure, and I feel much more hopeful that we can get a few more wins this season. I think our team overall looked better than we have all season against a tough opponent. Not the toughest we will face for sure, but a good team nonetheless. TCU was left out of the AP poll still this week but ended up #23 in the BCS. Look for my thoughts on the first BCS poll released today coming soon. I know, you are on the edge of your seats right?

Highlights from this wild football weekend:

- OU stomped over UT in the Red River shootout 63-21. I thought this was going to be a good game. Boy was I wrong! OU looked like the strong team they were predicted to be preseason. How many rebuilding years is UT going to have? I just can't figure out how a school that can have practically any top recruit in Texas hasn't been more successful for the past few years.
- Iowa State held its own against #6 Kansas State. I was hoping they'd pull out a win to help us a little bit but Kansas State held on for a 27-21.
- In the biggest upset of the weekend, Texas Tech beat formerly #5 West Virginia handily 49-14, pushing the Red Raiders into the top 25.
- #9 LSU scraped by #3 South Carolina with a solid 4th quarter.
- Louisiana Tech came back from a 21-point deficit to battle Texas A&M up until the last few seconds. A&M pulled out a 59-57 win after La. Tech missed their 2 point conversion.
- The most controversial call for the weekend cost Stanford the game against Notre overtime touchdown attempt by Stanford with the ball crossing the goal line but officials ruled it was after the whistle. Notre Dame wins it 20-13

What were your favorite moments from the weekend?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too Many Turnovers

This was the not the first Big 12 home game I was hoping for. After losing our quarterback this week along with many or most of our starters over the last few months including more than 20 players for reasons other than graduation...our inexperience finally proved to be too much to pull off a win. Although we beat Iowa State in most of the stats, we lost the game with too many mistakes and penalties. Sure the refs made several questionable, even game-changing, calls but I'm certainly not too proud to admit our own immaturity played probably the biggest role in our loss. You can't turn the ball over 5 times (twice inside Iowa State's 5 yard line) and expect to win ball games. I'm hoping that Coach Patterson will be able to do what he does best and get this team in shape so that we at least win a few more games this season. We are a young team and definitely have a long way to go...too bad it had to be this year when we finally have a chance to prove ourselves in the "big leagues." That's what I'm most upset about. It isn't that we lost the game. Or were dropped from the rankings. It's that all those people who said we didn't belong now think they are right. I know I shouldn't worry about the naysayers, especially when so many of even the sports "experts" are on our side now, and agree that this isn't necessarily proving anything about if TCU belongs or not but that it's just a growing year for us. Take Mac Engel in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for instance, "It is ridiculous to suggest that Iowa State's 37-23 win Saturday against the No. 15 TCU Horned Frogs is an accurate indicator of the school's future record in the Big Boy Conference, but it showed how far there is to go." So I will just have to remind myself of that. I have confidence that we will prove our right to that spot, maybe this year, maybe not, but eventually we will. I think this video says it all. Gives you chills right? Oh wait, that's just me? We've been knocked down before. We will get back up.

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What else happened in football this week? Let's see...

- #10 Florida beat #4 LSU causing them to basically switch places in the rankings
- #8 West Virginia pulled out a close win against #11 Texas proving once again that West Virginia is a serious contender this year and a tough addition to the Big 12
- #6 South Carolina handily beat #5 Georgia 35-7
- Unranked North Carolina State pulled out a 1 point victory against #3 Florida State
- #25 UCLA continues it's inconsistency losing to unranked California badly 43-17
- #17 Oklahoma made a statement to not completely count them out for the season with a big win against Texas Tech 41-20

I'm sure there many other highlights this weekend but I was so distraught with our loss that I missed some of them. What are your thoughts from the week?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make Good Choices

It's like I tell my fourth graders in class every day.

Sad day in frog land. I'm sure anyone reading this has already heard about our quarterback, Casey Pachall, being arrested last night for a DWI and is suspended indefinitely from the team. Obviously, I'm disappointed in this kid and I just can't understand why he would risk everything with dumb choices like these. He let down himself, his family, his teammates, coaches, and the TCU community. I go back and forth with what I hope comes next.  On the one hand, I think he should just be off the team and we will move forward with our backup QB, Trevone Boykin. I feel he has already wasted all the chances TCU can afford to give him. We need a leader on the team and he clearly is not it. On the other hand, I want us to win games. He's an excellent quarterback and I would hate to lose him for that. However, character counts...and, in my opinion, counts big. Once again, I'm proud of Coach Patterson's leadership in all of this as I'm sure he was probably the angriest guy in Fort Worth when he got this phone call. I'm thankful I'm not in his shoes having to make these decisions. For now, I'll be cheering for you Boykin on Saturday to lead us to a win against Iowa State.

"My job as a head coach is to win games, educate our kids and help them with their lives." -Gary Patterson

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