Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BCS Breakdown #1

The first BCS rankings was released for this season. Thankfully we only have to deal with this until 2014 when the 4 team playoff system starts. Although, I'm hopeful (but doubtful) that will end all the controversy.

The SEC and Big 12 lead the rankings with 7 teams each. 10 teams are undefeated, 12 one loss teams and 3 with two losses (Stanford, Iowa State, and Texas). I understand Stanford being in there because both their losses were close and to good teams, and they might have actually won the Notre Dame game depending on your view of the final call. I was surprised to see Iowa State at #24, although both their losses were also close and to ranked teams. (Also, I think it helps ease TCU's loss to them a little bit.) I am confused (but probably shouldn't be surprised based on how UT usually finds itself in the rankings no matter how many games they lose) how UT crept into #25. I mean they were demolished by OU.

The SEC took the top two spots with Alabama and Florida, much to many people's dismay I'm sure, as Oregon got edged out to #3. I really think Oregon earned that #2 spot a little more than Florida. I think Oregon is an all around stronger team rather than the more defensive team of Florida. I'm hoping that by the end of the season the rankings have shuffled a little so that #1 and #2 are not both SEC teams. I have nothing against the SEC--it is a very strong football conference and no doubt earns their top 25 spots. I just think the national championship would be a more true test with teams from two strong conferences. Just like last year, we had already seen Alabama and LSU play, so having them play again for the title really didn't prove anything. Then the title game just becomes the SEC championship game all over again. Even if the SEC team wins the title game against a team from another conference, I would much rather them prove themselves truly the best against another undefeated team.

As far as the rest of the rankings, I really think it is too early to tell how this season will play out for many teams. With the shuffling that occurred last week in the Big 12 alone, I'm sure there is plenty more excitement to go. I'll especially be interested to see how these teams do in the coming weeks as many schedules get tougher: South Carolina, LSU, Oregon State (5-0 record for the first time since 1939!), TCU (of course), Texas Tech, West Virginia, Notre Dame and OU.

What were your thoughts on the first BCS rankings for the year?


  1. UT did lose to a #8 (closely) and #13 team though. How long will Ohio have to go undefeated before they get in?

  2. True but UT could practically have a losing record and still be ranked. Ohio is in a similar situation TCU was a few years ago. They just don't have the strength of schedule, but if they keep plugging away and get to play a good opponent here and there maybe they will start earning more respect. I love a good underdog story.