Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make Good Choices

It's like I tell my fourth graders in class every day.

Sad day in frog land. I'm sure anyone reading this has already heard about our quarterback, Casey Pachall, being arrested last night for a DWI and is suspended indefinitely from the team. Obviously, I'm disappointed in this kid and I just can't understand why he would risk everything with dumb choices like these. He let down himself, his family, his teammates, coaches, and the TCU community. I go back and forth with what I hope comes next.  On the one hand, I think he should just be off the team and we will move forward with our backup QB, Trevone Boykin. I feel he has already wasted all the chances TCU can afford to give him. We need a leader on the team and he clearly is not it. On the other hand, I want us to win games. He's an excellent quarterback and I would hate to lose him for that. However, character counts...and, in my opinion, counts big. Once again, I'm proud of Coach Patterson's leadership in all of this as I'm sure he was probably the angriest guy in Fort Worth when he got this phone call. I'm thankful I'm not in his shoes having to make these decisions. For now, I'll be cheering for you Boykin on Saturday to lead us to a win against Iowa State.

"My job as a head coach is to win games, educate our kids and help them with their lives." -Gary Patterson

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