Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too Many Turnovers

This was the not the first Big 12 home game I was hoping for. After losing our quarterback this week along with many or most of our starters over the last few months including more than 20 players for reasons other than graduation...our inexperience finally proved to be too much to pull off a win. Although we beat Iowa State in most of the stats, we lost the game with too many mistakes and penalties. Sure the refs made several questionable, even game-changing, calls but I'm certainly not too proud to admit our own immaturity played probably the biggest role in our loss. You can't turn the ball over 5 times (twice inside Iowa State's 5 yard line) and expect to win ball games. I'm hoping that Coach Patterson will be able to do what he does best and get this team in shape so that we at least win a few more games this season. We are a young team and definitely have a long way to go...too bad it had to be this year when we finally have a chance to prove ourselves in the "big leagues." That's what I'm most upset about. It isn't that we lost the game. Or were dropped from the rankings. It's that all those people who said we didn't belong now think they are right. I know I shouldn't worry about the naysayers, especially when so many of even the sports "experts" are on our side now, and agree that this isn't necessarily proving anything about if TCU belongs or not but that it's just a growing year for us. Take Mac Engel in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for instance, "It is ridiculous to suggest that Iowa State's 37-23 win Saturday against the No. 15 TCU Horned Frogs is an accurate indicator of the school's future record in the Big Boy Conference, but it showed how far there is to go." So I will just have to remind myself of that. I have confidence that we will prove our right to that spot, maybe this year, maybe not, but eventually we will. I think this video says it all. Gives you chills right? Oh wait, that's just me? We've been knocked down before. We will get back up.

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What else happened in football this week? Let's see...

- #10 Florida beat #4 LSU causing them to basically switch places in the rankings
- #8 West Virginia pulled out a close win against #11 Texas proving once again that West Virginia is a serious contender this year and a tough addition to the Big 12
- #6 South Carolina handily beat #5 Georgia 35-7
- Unranked North Carolina State pulled out a 1 point victory against #3 Florida State
- #25 UCLA continues it's inconsistency losing to unranked California badly 43-17
- #17 Oklahoma made a statement to not completely count them out for the season with a big win against Texas Tech 41-20

I'm sure there many other highlights this weekend but I was so distraught with our loss that I missed some of them. What are your thoughts from the week?

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