Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 8: Triple Overtime

Tough loss for TCU this week but, man, what a game! After 3 overtimes, TCU fell to Texas Tech 56-53.  Tech's quarterback played a great game, throwing for 318 yards and 7 touchdowns. Despite a few mistakes, Boykin is continually proving himself to be a strong quarterback and I'm excited to watch him only get better. Our pass defense looked like it needs some work but, like I said, Tech's offense played really well too. TCU played 16 true freshmen on Saturday so if we can just keep up like we are in the Big 12 this season, the next few seasons could be huge.

There weren't really any huge upsets this week but many key games for sure.

- #6 LSU pulled out a win against #18 A&M at Kyle Field 24-19
- Oklahoma State beat #24 Iowa State handily 31-10
- #2 Florida proved its top 5 ranking with a big win against #7 South Carolina 44-11
- #5 Notre Dame barely squeaked by unranked BYU 17-14
- Unranked Toledo did pull off an upset against #21 Cincinnati
-#4 Kansas State proved it is the team to beat in the Big 12 running over #13 West Virginia in Morgantown 55-14
- Baylor made a valiant effort against #24 UT but fell 56-50

I think the major discussion right now is who should be where in the top 5. In the top 5 you have 5 really good undefeated teams. I think the argument could be made for any of them to be in any of the 5 spots. Of course, we know I would prefer it not to be two SEC teams in the top two spots. I have to say I never questioned Alabama being number 1 until now. I mean I get it, they are an awesome football team. However, looking at their schedule so far vs. the rest the of the top 5 they really haven't had to prove themselves yet. They will have more tests throughout the season but just not so far. They have only beaten 1 currently ranked team, whereas Florida beat 3, Kansas State beat 2 (big wins on the road to boot), Oregon has beaten 0, and Notre Dame beat 2.  I have no doubt Alabama will likely stay undefeated and earn that #1 spot, but so far they really haven't. They haven't done anything wrong but they haven't been tested like Kansas State or Florida. It will be really interesting to watch how the top 5 shapes up in the coming weeks. On top of those teams, Oregon State, Oklahoma, and LSU are still serious contenders as well.

Oh, and a special note for you Adam...Ohio finally found itself in the standings at #23.

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  1. Oregon did beat 2 ranked (at the time) teams though.