Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 10: A much happier ending to an overtime

I think I have finally recovered from my near heart attack at the end of the TCU - West Virginia game. That was some gutsy play calling Coach Patterson! After West Virginia made a 76 yard touchdown punt return with 2 minutes to go in the game, I thought we were done. Then came the crazy 94 yard touchdown pass from Boykin to Josh Boyce. Overtime. After missing our 37 yard field goal, again I thought we were done. Then Verrett blocked their field goal...what???  I don't think I even knew Verrett's name before this game but boy do I know him now...great game for the junior! West Virginia got their TD in the 2nd overtime. We managed to get a touchdown with a risky trick play. We went for 2. I was a nervous wreck and thought we were crazy. We got it! After a nerve-wracking official review...we officially beat the Mountaineers 39-38. Not only are we bowl eligible now, but it saved us from a 3 game losing streak. We (I) definitely needed that morale boost.  Go Frogs!

Is it just me or has this been a crazy year in college football? I feel like nothing is predictable. Except maybe that Alabama will likely end the year at #1.

- Despite having a close call against Kansas last week, #23 UT beat #18 Texas Tech 31- 22.  I learned today that there is a chance UT and A&M might meet up in the Cotton Bowl. So these two rivals may meet again sooner than either team expected after A&M's exit to the SEC. Should be interesting.
- In one of the most surprising nail biters of the day Pittsburgh led #3 Notre Dame the entire game until the Irish tied it up in the 4th quarter.  Notre Dame ended up pulling it off in triple overtime 29-26.
- In a PAC-12 offensive battle the #17 USC Trojans fell to #4 Oregon 62-51
- #1 Alabama, in their toughest test yet, topped #5 LSU 21-17
- #2 Kansas State continued its reign over the Big 12 with a win against Oklahoma State
Sidenote: I'm glad to see a non-SEC team at #2 in the BCS. I would love to see a national championship game between two different conferences.
- #19 Boise State fell to unranked San Diego State, dropping Boise from the rankings
- I don't even know what to think about the PAC-12 right now (except that Oregon will likely be the conference champion).  Last week Arizona pulled off a win against USC. This week UCLA slaughtered them with a 66-10 win- putting UCLA back into the standings at #18.  Should make for an interesting rivalry game for USC and UCLA in a couple weeks.

What were your favorite moments this week?

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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