Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 12: Chaos

This has to be the craziest season of college football in a long time. And I love it. It is so much more entertaining to watch these games unsure of how they will end rather than the same teams winning every time. However, along with the excitement comes the always questionable BCS standings.

Highlights from this week:
- #1 Kansas State was slaughtered by unranked Baylor. I was rooting for the Wildcats (after TCU lost of course). I think Bill Snyder is a classy guy and I was hoping he'd get the championship.
- #2 Oregon fell in overtime to #13 Stanford. Stanford had luck on their side this time after a questionable touchdown call to get the tie. Maybe they were owed this call after the one against Notre Dame didn't go their way.
- In a huge rivalry game, UCLA beat USC.
- #7 LSU only beat unranked Ole Miss. by 2 field goals
- #12 Oklahoma barely squeaked by the ever declining West Virginia
- #24 Oklahoma State killed #23 Texas Tech, dropping them from the rankings

For the third week in a row there is a new #1 team, first time that has happened in 5 years. That team is Notre Dame. The only undefeated team left. Say what you want about the Fighting Irish but they have earned their spot. They've managed to stay undefeated despite playing several solid football teams.

The rest of the top 10 is where the questions come in. #2-#6 (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Kansas State) all have 1 loss with substantial schedules. How do you decide who still gets to play for that national championship? I can't believe that after losing to A&M last week Alabama is now back in the mix to likely play for it. I've got to say I don't understand how they are chosen above those other teams for #2. Their only significant win was against LSU, and the other significant game...they lost. However, Oregon hasn't played any top ten teams so I understand their ranking. Kansas State has played more ranked teams, but then lost to a completely unranked Baylor. Florida has probably won the most games against top teams but lost to Georgia. So who knows? It's a tough call and by no means is over. After the past two weeks, who knows what's going to happen the next couple weeks.

I'm hoping one of those things to happen will be TCU upsetting the UT Longhorns on Thanksgiving.

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