Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back by popular demand...

And by popular demand I mean my family and two friends. I had thought about ceasing the Legitimate Sideline Girl but I'm going to try and keep it going. I think one reason I wasn't super eager to blog this year is because, frankly, I'm kind of depressed about my beloved Horned Frogs. I haven't lost hope because I never give up on my Frogs but I'm definitely concerned. I was pumped that our QB Pachall was going to be back this season. However, he did not look great in the first two games and now is out with a broken arm. I'm bummed for him because he worked so hard to come back. After the first couple games I felt positive about Boykin continuing as quarterback but after this week against Tech my hope is faltering.  On to my highlights for the week...

  • TCU vs. Texas Tech -- I really do not care to talk about this game. I'm still not over it. Sure our offense was questionable at best but the officiating was some of the worst I have seen. I don't like when people blame a game on the referees but there were several game-changing calls that were made that even the announcers agreed were unfair to TCU. I will hand it to Tech that I think they are going to be a better team then most predicted, but they did not necessarily deserve that win. I'm not sure we did either. I just wish we could have played a fair game to find out.
Final Score: Texas Tech - 20   TCU - 10
  • UT vs. Ole Miss -- After Texas' loss to BYU last week I was interested to see if they improved this week. They did not. If this continues, I can't imagine that UT will keep Mack Brown around for another year.
Final Score: Ole Miss - 44     UT - 23
  • Honestly the majority of the games this week were not that exciting to me because they are mostly pre-season games where powerhouse teams take on the ultimate underdogs. I didn't see any big upsets from these games this week either. I'm looking forward to getting into the conference games more next week.
  • Of course, I have to talk about the much-anticipated Alabama vs. Texas A&M game. I'm not a fan of either of these teams. I grew up with a hatred strong dislike for the Aggies but it also doesn't feel right rooting for Alabama over a Texas team. Oh and did I mention I can't stand Johnny Manziel? But who can really? I think the fact that he is a tremendously talented player with a less than likable personality is almost old news by now. I don't even think his own coach likes him (although I'm sure he's happy to have him as his quarterback).  The offensive showdown between these teams made for a highly entertaining football game. As much as it pains me to admit, they are both strong football teams with solid quarterbacks and I will be interested to see how the rest of their seasons play out.
Final Score: Alabama - 49    Texas A&M - 42


  1. Yay! Here's a good write up of the atrocities of Thursday night.


    I want to hear a full argument about why we don't/shouldn't like Manziel. After all, don't we, as a football-watching society, deserve some blame for his arrogance, since we've done nothing but gape at him and praise him for years? He didn't call himself "Johnny Football", after all.

    Do you think that BYU is the new dark horse, or does UT just suck this year?