Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ready for some real competition

I feel like I hardly have anything to write about this week because of the serious lack of games between comparable competitors. Plus, my Horned Frogs had a bye week. I understand that strong teams want to play teams that they will most likely beat in these first few weeks. And I also understand that these underdogs agree to these games for experience, exposure, and, of course, money. However, it does not make them any more entertaining to watch.

With scores like these...

- Miami 77         Savannah State 7
- Baylor 70         University of Louisiana Monroe 7
- UCLA 59         New Mexico State 13
- Ohio State 76   Florida A&M 0
- Louisville 72    Florida International  0

It does not make for a very exciting week in college football. The highlight for me might have been that the University of North Texas Mean Green was tied with Georgia all the way into the 3rd quarter until Georgia took it 45-21. These weeks are at least more entertaining when there is a big upset but, alas, I did not see any of those this week. Therefore, I'm going to answer some of my reader questions from last week from my uber-talented sister-in-law...

Question: I want to hear a full argument about why we don't/shouldn't like Manziel. After all, don't we, as a football-watching society, deserve some blame for his arrogance, since we've done nothing but gape at him and praise him for years? He didn't call himself "Johnny Football", after all.

I completely agree that the media and football audience can take some blame in his ego. However, we have praised other talented players before who did not seem to take the arrogance quite to his level...I'm thinking someone like RG3. A really talented football player who never (that I saw) gave off a jerky vibe. I'm also not convinced he or his family didn't start the name Johnny Football, and if not them then I think it was the Aggie fans. We already know that as a general rule I do not speak highly of the Aggies. (If I had any Aggie readers I'm sure I lost them many blogs ago.) for an argument why we shouldn't like Manziel...for me personally it is because of little gestures like this, his Drake money sign below, and just his overall immaturity and cockiness.

(Thomas Campbell/USA Today Sports Images)

So while I think this is the persona that has, in some ways, been given to him by the media and it would be really hard for him to change it at this would be nice to see him try.

More of this:

(Photo: Instagram via @JManziel2)

Less of this:

(Photo: Instagram via @JManziel2)

Question: Do you think that BYU is the new dark horse, or does UT just suck this year?

I don't think BYU is the dark horse...mainly because they have lost 2 of their 3 games to unranked opponents, only beating UT. UT won this week against Kansas State which is definitely a morale boost for them. However, Kansas State lost their season opener to Division 2 North Dakota State so they aren't exactly the same strong team we saw from them last year. I still think it will be interesting to see what happens with UT this year and if this is their momentum changer or just a fluke.

Thanks for the questions! It gave me something more to talk about since the games were such a snooze.


  1. In that last pic of Manziel, you're referring to him needing to wear less Miami Heat gear, right?

  2. Obviously Adam. Miami Heat is never a good choice.

  3. Ash- glad you're back! Any thoughts on the Arkansas/ A&M game from this last weekend? You know I am not usually a Razorback fan but I rooted for them for my Dad and I thought they put up a decent fight. Did they play well or A&M play poorly? AND...Go Frogs!

  4. YES! I like this. Good answer. :) Sorry I'm so late to the party!